The Destined Pair
Episode Information
Kanji 運命のふたり
Rōmanji Unmei no futari
Air date January 7th, 2012 (Japanese)
Opening Seirei Hirai
Ending Adeosu
Episode Guide
The Darkness and Light

The Destined Pair is the first episode of the Brave 10 anime . It aired on January 7th, 2012 (UTC).


Saizō Kirigakure, an Iga ninja and trained assassin, finds a silver-haired girl, who is being pursued by a group of ninjas. Despite trying to leave her, the scared girl, continues to follow Saizō for his protection, deciding to reward his hungry stomach with her favorite meal of soba noodles.

While travelling with her, he comes across a Koga ninja named Sasuke Sarutobi, and a fight ensues clearly expressing Saizō's and Sasuke's hatred for one another. However, the girl immediately stops their fight by demanding to see someone named Yukimura Sanada.

Saizo and the girl arrive to see the Lord of the Ueda Castle, Yukimura. Introducing herself as Isanami, the shrine maiden of Izumo, she tells him how her shrine was destroyed and she became the only survivor. Being told by her master to visit the lord for his assistance, Yukimura refuses to help her, but allows her to spend the night in the castle if she wants to.

Not knowing what to do, she instead follows Saizō outside, and he tells her to stop following him. They are then attacked by the same ninjas from earlier, and Yukimura and Sasuke reveal themselves from the shadows. Yukimura reveals that he simply used them as bait to lure out the enemies that were following them. Saizō quickly frees himself and defeats almost all the ninjas in the area, getting blood all over Isanami. After remembering what had happened at her shrine, Isanami begins to panic and freak out, unleashing a large dark power completely turning everyone and everything within its area into ash. Once over, she calms down, seeming to remember nothing, and believes that Saizō had saved her again.

Saizō is then forced to stay in the castle with Isanami and everyone else, because he owed her a bowl of soba, much to his dismay.