The Darkness and Light
Episode Information
Kanji 闇と光
Rōmanji Yamitoki Tori
Air date January 14th, 2012 (Japanese)
Opening Seirei Hirai
Ending Adeosu
Episode Guide
The Destined Pair
The Valley of Whirlwinds

The Darkness and Light is the second episode of Brave 10. It aired on January 14th, 2012 (UTC).



The shadow behind Hattori

Hattori (the ninja who attacked Isanami's shrine) is seen with his master Ieyasu, who tells him that he has to bring back the miko staying with Sanada at all costs. At this same time a shadow is seen behind the door. At Sanada's residence, Isanami asks Saizo which dress she should pick to wear, and he ultimately goes for the pink one. He uses the time that she's unccupied to escape, leaving her very upset. Saizo gets far enough from her and sees a
Brave10 02-0002

Yukimura stops Isanami from slapping Saizo

girl, who he later realises is his old friend, Anastasia. They talk for some time before Isanami interupts, calling Saizo a cheater and nearly slaps him, if Yukimura wasn't there to stop her hand. Ana talks about how there were rumors about a Boa Constictor (a large snake) in the forest, but Yukimura doesn't let that

Isanami starts to dance

get in his way and goes back to the festival. Later at the festival, Ana tells Saizo that people like him a led astray if they don't have anything to be guided by, since he moves on his own accord. Isanami starts to do her sacred dance and Saizo eventually can't take Ana anymore and leaves, with her following behind him. Isanami notices this and gets

Saizo being tugged on by Isanami

jealous, so after she's done she follows him and says that she's coming too. Ana leaves them alone and Isanami says that she feels something over in the woods and they eventually find the snake. Saizo is crushed by the snake, but manages to set off an explosion from a dynamite. He then realises that the snake is being controlled and stabs it in it's eye, causing it to self -
Brave10 02-07

Saizo and Isanami talk

destruct. Saizo and Isanami are buried in the rocks underground, and she tells Saizo that he is the light of her life but he disagrees, saying that he has never seen the 'light' before and has only lived in the darkness. But Isanami says that he's very bright to her. They eventually get out and see that the castle is being attacked. Isanami is

Saizo and Isanami collapse

attacked by Hattori but is saved by Saizo, who takes quite a beating before he can lay one slash on him. After the arrival of Ana and Sasuke, Hattori flees and Saizo collapses with Isanami right next to him. Sasuke calls out his name and Saizo tells him to shut up.