The Valley of Whirlwinds
Yuri Kamanosuke
Episode Information
Kanji 旋風の谷
Rōmanji Senpei no Tari
Air date January 21st, 2012 (Japanese)
Opening Seirei Hirai
Ending Adeosu
Episode Guide
The Darkness and Light
The Soul of Deities

The Valley of Whirlwinds is the third episode of the Brave 10 anime. It aired on January 21st, 2012 (UTC).


Saizō, Isanami and their new partner, Jūzō Kakei are ordered by Yukimura to go and visit the Izumo shrine. Though Isanami wasn't very pleased because she wanted to be alone with Saizō, she desides to go. They make it to a bridge, where they see a woman who says she sprained her ankle. However, this 'woman' is revealed to be the leader of the brigades, Yuri Kamanosuke. He traps Saizō in a cyclone and he falls into the waters below. Saizō survives and goes up the hill while Kakei takes the long way - because he is afraid of heights - to save Isanami. Saizō eventually beats Yuri and was about to finish the final blow when Isanami stops him from doing so. They leave Yuri alone even though he wanted Saizō to kill him. Yukimura later gives Rokuro Unno a letter from Ishida Mitsunari (Tokugawa Ieyasu’s rival) and he absorbs all the words into his right eye and Yukimura burns the letter soon after. Saizō, Isanami and Kakei then continue on their trip while Isanami sings, making Saizō smile.