The Soul of Deities
Episode Information
Kanji 神々の魂
Rōmanji Kamigami no Tamashi
Air date January 28th, 2012 (Japanese)
Opening Seirei Hirai
Ending Adeosu
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The Valley of Whirlwinds
Dragon's Pocket

The Soul of Deities is the fourth episode of the Brave 10 anime. It aired on January 28th, 2012 (UTC).


Saizo, Isanami and Juzou continue their journey and eventually make it to the Izumo shrine. Despite Isanami's best efforts of making no one see her cry, she eventually breaks down in front of Saizo and he comforts her, causing her to hug him. Juzou shoots a bullet to alert the others and he tells him that he found nothing since everything was burnt down. Saizo then spots something on the ground and it's revealed to be a Yin-yang symbol, but it didn't look right. So Isanami volunteers to move the blocks after Juzou couldn't do so. She eventually gets the symbol to open up a secret path underground. There, Hattori appears with another woman and a battle ensues. When he was thrown into a tough spot, Yuri appears and saves him, saying that he has no right to 'play' with his 'toy', leading to even Hattori calling him a pervert. Due to team work they take him down, while Isanami cries. Outside, Date appears and kidnaps Isanami, telling the others to inform Yukimura that Masamune Date has just obtained the Kushi-mitama. Saizo then yells in agony as Isanami is taken away.