Masamune Date
Date Masamune
Name Masamune Date
Kanji 伊達政宗
Gender Male
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown
Professional Status
Master None
Occupation Commander of Oushu, Soldier
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Seiyu Takehito Koyasu
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Masamune Date is the commander in control of Oushu. He seeks to destroy the Kushi-mitama said to be able to quell the chaos in their world. After a certain incident, he begins paying careful attention to Yukimura.


Masamune is a soldier of fortune who loves showing off. He has absolute confidence in his swordsmanship, and desires a world so troubled that it can be conquered through battle.


Masamune Date
He has long white hair tied into a high ponytail and brown eyes. He wears an eye-patch over his right eye.


A tea ceremony summoned all lords to the palace. Yukimura decides to travel with Rokuro, Saizo, and Isanami. On the road there they face many traps making Yukimura wish he brought more braves...