Sanada Ten Braves are 10 brave warriors of every finger of Yukimura Sanada 's hands. Each member represent at element that make you the earth which include: water, ice, earth, grass, metal, fire,wind, lightning, darkness, and light.

Current Brave 10

Rokuro Unno - Water

Anastasia - Ice

Miyoshi Seikai Nyudo - Earth

Sasuke Sarutobi - Grass

Jūzō Kakei - Metal

Hanzo Hattori - Fire (manga only)

Benmaru - Fire

Yuri Kamanosuke - wind

Jinpachi Nezu - Lightning

Isanami - Darkness

Saizō Kirigakure - Light 

Former Brave 10 (manga only)

Yuri Kamanosuke - fire 

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