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    Hey there folks! It's me, Silver and right here, I'm ready to go reviewing Brave 10 Chapter 1. Let's get goin' then!

    So yeah, I haven't started a chapter summary on this chappie since for some reasons, I preferred to write this review about it and besides, I'm gettin' me fingers to warm up for some chappie summaries for le other wikis as well, so my time's being eaten.

    The chappie's title is Act. 1: Whereabouts. For a pilot's chap title, it made me feel creeped out since ya know, Whereabouts, it made me wonder what is this at first. And the first thing I saw in the chap is....

    Yukimura and Rokuro talkin' 'bout a ten person human pyramid. I really wondered what was it at first, and I deadpanned when they decided to start with Sasuke and Saizo. …

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    Heya people!

    December 13, 2014 by 2SilverClaimers

    So, as you can see, it's me Silver. And if anyone else recognizes this name, please don't confuse me with FT's Gray's father, alright? Click on my link if you wanna find out.

    Cough cough* I'm done with the initial intro and we need to get movin' right now, eh?

    People, reading this nonsense may seem to be just a waste of time but, I just wanna say a few things about me, so that you guys can understand why I am like that when I do somethin'.

    Say, I am 2SilverClaimers, yet I can be called Silver. If you wanna call me anythin' else, tell me first and if I allow you, you can continue callin' me that. Next, my birthday's on May 20, I'm a Taurus (I dunno why I even put this), I'm currently 14 years old (the time this blog is published), and I have a…

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