Yuri Kamanosuke
Name Yuri Kamanosuke
Kanji 由利 鎌之助
Gender Male
Age 19
Hair Colour Dark Magenta
Eye Colour Green
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown
Professional Status
Master None
Occupation Leader of Brigands (formerly)
Sanada's Brave
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 3
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Seiyu Motoki Takagi
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Yuri Kamanosuke is leader of a group of brigands who trap people on a bridge, attack them and rob them. Despite constantly proclaiming that he is male, Kamanosuke's feminine appearance causes much confusion about his gender. He also refuses to show his body in front of others, and later develops a crush for Saizo. During an illusion, Kamanosuke is a princess who is in love with a male servant of hers.


He is a cruel, hedonistic and bloodthirsty guy who finds enjoyment in slicing people and sight of blood. He is passionate and excited about killing. He is not only sadistic, but also masochistic and obsessed with Saizo, and often insists on battling him. The official character guide describes Yuri as pervert with a blood fetish whose hobby is stalking Saizo. Yuri is loud, speaks in rough language and acts tsundere most of the time. 


Yuri Kamanosuke1
Yuri is a young man with feminine features, which is why people usually mistake him for a woman.

He has long dark magenta hair that he keeps in a ponytail. He has big, green eyes and a tattoo at the left side of his face. His skin is pale.


He is first seen when he deceives Saizo, Isanami and Kakei by pretending to be an injured woman. They decide to help him and as they are crossing a bridge in the mountains, he binds

Saizo defeats Yuri

Saizo with wind, snatches Isanami and summons his henchmen. He reveals that he plans to rob Isanami and let his henchmen "do what they wish" with her, but his henchmen are quickly killed by Kakei. Saizo frees himself from Kamanosuke's special wind and battles him. Kamanosuke then destroys the bridge and Saizo falls into river, but their fight isn't over yet. He uses
Yuri Kamanosuke

Yuri begging to be killed by Saizo

Isanami to lure Saizo on the top of the mountain and they continue their fight that Yuri ultimately loses. Yuri asks to be killed by Saizo and is passionate about dying and his own bloodshed, but Isanami intervenes, stops Saizo's strike and asks him to let Yuri live. Saizo, Isanami and Kakei then leave. Yuri appears again when Saizo was pushed into the wall by Hanzo during their battle and saves him, claiming that Saizo was his "toy" and Hanzo was not allowed to "play" with him. After, Yuri and the others watch helplessly as Isanami is kidnapped by Date. He decides to follow Saizo, since he has taken an interest in him and even decides to work for Yukimura. He is recruited as the 'wind' of the 10 braves, and joins them on the rest of their journeys, proving very helpful.

History Edit

Not much is known about his past. The anime does not mention anything about him. The sequel to the manga does however briefly show his past.

According to Brave 10 Spiral, his green tattoo is some sort of limiter - much like Isanami's hairpin contained her powers. It was placed on him when he was a child.

He seems to not know much about his own history - his memories apparently only going back to a time when the mountain bandits raised him. However, as shown in the manga there was more to his past than living with bandits.


  • Kusarigama (chain-sickle): His main weapon which consists of a sickle (kama) on a metal chain (kusari) with heavy iron weight (fundo) on the other end of the chain.

Ninja TechniquesEdit

  • Wind Manipulation: He is able to manipulate wind shooting powerful wind blasts into opponent with his strikes.
  • Great Whirlwind (Ootsumuchi): He shots powerful cutting whirlwind into opponent from his Kusarigama.


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